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EU Commission to make it easier to sue over AI products (Wed, 28 Sep 2022)
People harmed by such items and digital ones like drones will have easier access to legal help.
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Optus: How a massive data breach has exposed Australia (Thu, 29 Sep 2022)
Anger rises after 40% of Australians had details stolen in possibly the nation's worst-ever breach.
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NHS app hits 30 million downloads in England (Wed, 28 Sep 2022)
The health service says 448,000 people have used the app to make decisions on organ donations.
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Data sharing: MoD and Home Office ignored people's data requests - ICO (Wed, 28 Sep 2022)
Data watchdog says it is naming and shaming seven organisations for failing to share information.
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Netflix plans to launch its own video game studio (Tue, 27 Sep 2022)
Studio in Finland is the latest and clearest example of the streaming giant moving into gaming.
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