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We firmly believe that a planned programme of Public Relations is the right formula for success for our clients, producing regular and sustained editorial coverage. With this type of strategy we would expect to meet on a regular basis for review and forward action discussions.


We prefer to prepare media information on the strength of careful questioning of the key personnel involved – as in the case of a new product, the product manager; or a research/technical manager in the instance of a technical story. This ensures that all the major points of factual information are incorporated into the releases. Our skills are such that we can “translate” technical content into visible “end benefits” – essential when preparing a press release.

We attempt to identify any area suitable for media coverage, be it personnel, investment, export, exhibitions, major orders, etc.

Most critically, however, we are quite prepared to say “No” to a suggested story not considered by us as being “newsworthiness” to warrant distribution. We only issue information which we feel stands a chance of publication and thus seek to establish a reputation for our clients amongst editors of being professional, relevant and a true authority on the marketplace.

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