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Dealing with the Media

Setting up the basic “tools of the trade” such as PR and photographic libraries, media contact lists, press kits, feature list collation, etc.

Planning PR Campaigns

Full campaign strategy from conception through to final analysis, including scheduling, budgeting and action plans.


News Creation

(a) Press Releases:

Test Case/Application releases, Technical/New Product Releases, General Press Release Coverage (e.g. New Appointments, Exhibitions

Investments, Major orders etc.)

(b) Press Features & Articles:

Features, Articles and Editorial Contact.

(c) Online/Radio Interviews:

Preparation and distribution of syndicated radio news items.

Planning interview, supplying interviewer, arranging syndication, monitoring results.

(d) Video News Releases:

Preparation and distribution of television news stories.

Communication with Media

Production of press releases, including research, preparation and printing.

Staging relevant photographic sessions.

Arranging distribution of information to relevant media.

Direct Contact with the Media

The three most frequently used forms of direct media contact used by Quad Public Relations are:

(a) Press Conferences:

Including selection of venue, timing, invitations, follow-up, press kits, hospitality etc.

(b) Media Events

(c) Face to Face Interviews:

e.g. Press, television and radio.

Media Training

Training courses to prepare company spokespersons for any type of media approach. Individual or group tuition. Each medium – press, radio and television – treated as a separate discipline.

Crisis PR

Over and above the corporate and product PR there are often emergency or crisis situations where effective, planned PR can prove vital. Emergency training for specific media opportunities and crisis training.

Handling Sensitive Information

This is an area where Quad Public Relations has had regular exposure.

e.g. Industrial relations, redundancies, company take-overs/mergers, environmentally sensitive issues.

Media Functions/Press Visits

From conception through to actual administration of function.

Press Cutting Service

Standard press cutting service.
Competitive analysis.

House Newspapers

Design, research, writing, editing and printing of house newspapers for both internal and external circulation.

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