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We are an independent B2B Public Relations consultancy based in the North West. Originally formed in 1986, the company is geared to offering clients an effective PR service at a cost-effective level.


What We Do

Our vision is for a clearly planned programme of Public Relations that will bring success for our clients and producing regular and sustained editorial coverage. 



Our Experience

Great importance is attached to ensuring the highest quality of client service and as such, our account handling expertise reflects the depth of practical experience gained from 30 years in business.



Our Services

There are many techniques, systems and practices that go to make up a successful PR operation. We offer clients an effective range of PR services to complement their sales and marketing strategy.


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We’d be delighted to talk to you about promoting your business. Please provide us with as much information as possible and we’ll get back to you within 48 working hours of your submitting your enquiry.


General awareness of the value of good PR has grown tremendously in recent years, to the extent that you can hardly pick up a magazine or newspaper without finding reference to PR. Successful Public Relations is not just a prerogative of the rich and famous, it is available to anyone who recognises the value of employing someone with the necessary skills to promote reputation through information.


“Nothing succeeds like success”, an old and true saying, is particularly apt for today’s intensely competitive business world. But even more important now is to be seen to be successful. That is where effective public relations can work for companies.


Built into a strategic marketing plan, Public Relations can be such a vital help in making sure that all who are interested in a company – customers, suppliers, employees and the local community – have an accurate understanding of the company’s true capabilities and current/future performance.

Public Relations is much more than just being nice to the media. It is the total way in which your business behaves and talks with all who come into contact, the way it relates to people important to it and how their goodwill is won and sustained through good times and bad. Public Relations is no substitute for and in no way should conflict with your advertising. In fact PR and advertising should work hand in glove to be truly effective.


Public Relations is concerned with achieving understanding and changing opinion by creating the right climate for your business. By offering a very cost-effective means of getting your business noticed favourable and remembered, well planned PR supports and enhances all other aspects of your promotional effort.


Well organised PR will get results.


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